Al Ajial Factory

Since 1979, Al Ajial Factory’s mission has been to deliver the highest quality marble supply to its clients.

The Collections

First choice marble collected from all over the world
Engraved marble tiles that offer modern design
Marble transformed into timeless masterpieces

Al Ajial’s expertise lays on the intricacy and magnitude of its projects, which have been mostly executed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Over the past few decades, the company has collaborated with the world’s top designers and suppliers.

Its state-of-the-art projects include the realization of fabulous designs, processing and finishing for royal palaces, luxury villas and hotels

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Al Ajial Factory believes that marble is a cultural symbol of tradition and refined taste

Al Ajial Factory specializes in the design, manufacturing and installation of marble solutions, capable of handling any project due to its vast selection of the finest marble from around the globe, industry leading machinery, and an experienced technical department of highly skilled engineers and foremen.
It is due to this that Al Ajial can execute a wide range of marble design categories.

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